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Oh look, it's sharing day.

0. Height
5'9" or 175

Ha. Not even a little bit.

2.Shoe Size
9.5 US Mens, 11 US Women's 43 EU

3.Do you Smoke?
Sometimes it happens. Most times it doesn't.

4.Do you Drink?
See above answer.

5.Do you take drugs?
*eye brow raise*

6.Age you get mistaken for

7.Have Tattoos?
Not yet. 

8.Want any tattoos?
At the end of my weight loss quest there is a designed tattoo of an active stargate with an Om symbol inside of it that will be located on the back of my left calf.

9.Got any Piercings?
Yep. size 2 gauges

10.Want any Piercings?
I contemplate getting my cartilage pierced. A tragus piercing would be so cute.
11.Best friend?
A couple of them. :)

12.Relationship status
Single and having fun

13.Biggest turn ons
Oh my, how much time do you have? Watching someone fix something wearing jeans and a tank top, on guys: that line that curves from the obliques to the groin. Gah. On girls: The curve of the breasts. Women in business suits. Calf muscles. A sharp jaw line. A raised eyebrow. Wit. Teasing. 

14.Biggest turn offs
Poor self care/hygiene. Meanness. Stupidity. Bigotry. Unfair attitude. Victim attitude.

15.Favorite Movie
To Kill a Mockingbird

16.I’ll love you if
you take me hiking or you text me back and it makes me laugh

17.Someone you miss
My nieces and nephew.

18.Most traumatic experience
Oh my. Again, how much time do you have? I am a collector, you see. *grin*
Most recently I was almost hit by someone turning left onto the street I was crossing while riding my bike home. I had to bail out right onto a parked truck.  I was a parking lot away from my house.  My body is not handling the sudden impact into the truck well and my mind is freaking out a bit more with caution every time I ride my bike anywhere now. (And I don't own a car, so this is usually a daily thing.) Bicyclist vs Car. Car wins...every time. This even occurred on 8/30/12. By the way, this is my 27th year on this planet. So, that's fun.

Feel free to ask about other events. I'm not shy or unwilling to delve into my memories. 

19.A fact about your personality
I really am listening to you and hearing what you're saying even though I'm not looking or don't seem like I'm paying attention. I'll remember what I heard and start meticulously planning some way to make your day and life better by doing nice things for you and to you.

20.What I hate most about myself
My inability to get it right every time I try something.

21.What I love most about myself
My drive to succeed. When I commit, it is done.

22.What I want to be when I get older
A set designer, prop manager, or someone in the writing room for a television show set in Vancouver, BC or outlying areas.

23.My relationship with my sibling(s)
Runs hot and cold.  We're great buddies and confidants when we're around each other. But we basically ignore each other due to living our own personal lives while we're apart.

24.My relationship with my parent(s)
Is incredibly skewed on both sides of the parental/child fence. They know very little about who I really am (how I act on a daily basis) due to my mistrust of them.

25.My idea of a perfect date
Is active, creative, and fun! Take me hiking behind waterfalls or to a body of water and let's go skinny dipping! Ride the train or bus to a sports game. Lean in close to me while sharing fun stories about previous games we've been to or times we played the same sport as a kid. Let's go dancing! Touch my hips while we dance, take the time to learn my rhythm while I learn yours so we can get close on the floor. I'll reach back and grab your neck as we move. Whatever the frivolity, we'd hold hands, make eye contact, and there would hopefully be an epic make out session that may or may not end in behind closed doors...mutual energy and attitude depending.

26.My biggest pet peeves
Mean people. Being tired makes me craaaaazy and snippy. Not filling up the ice trays. Gossip. The silent treatment.

27.A description of the girl/boy I like
Glasses. Lean, muscle definition, wears those cute taxi cab driver hats with awesome patterns on them. Jeans. T-shirt. Hoodie. Hiker. Electrician. Single parent. Kind. Interesting. Funny. Dimples. spiritual. in tune. tender. realistic. perverted.

28.A description of the person I dislike the most
Doesn't actually listen to what you said. Abrupt response. disrespectful tone when responding to something you don't agree on. fake - smiles to your face but sneers at your back. self righteous. thoughtless towards how actions impact others.

29.A reason I’ve lied to a friend

30.What I hate the most about work/school
My company is run by domineering bitches. I kid you not, it is the archetype they look for as far as employees in management go.

31.What your last text message says
I am a combination of tired, emotional, hormonal, injured, self conscious, sad, and scared/worried at the moment. I have been randomly bursting into tears since last night.

32.What words upset me the most
The N word is about the only word I cant think of that I don't ever say.

33.What words make me feel the best about myself
I like when people tell me how they feel about me and it's good and positive and loving. Things like "I love how you do ______." or "You know, when you do _____ it makes me smile."

34.What I find attractive in women
Drive. her breasts. There's a tenderness that women have that is alluring. Her lips. Her ass in those jeans. When she's walking around the houes in her pajamas. big eyes. glasses.

35.What I find attractive in men
Crows feet. calloused hands. muscles - arms and abs and calves are my weekness. Style. dimples. confidant. adventurous. glasses

36.Where I would like to live
Vancouver BC

37.One of my insecurities
What if no matter how hard I work, nothing is going to change the way things are. related to career, physique, relationship status etc.

38.My childhood career choice
Social Worker

39.My favorite ice cream flavor
Blue bubble gum.

40.Who wish I could be
Jane Espensen or Nelson Mandela

41.Where I want to be right now
Snorkelling in the Tropics with dolphins as the sun sun rises

42.The last thing I ate
vegetarian chili with red onions and tortilla chips

43.Sexiest person that comes to my mind immediately
Jaime Murray *smirk*

44.A random fact about anything
This quote changed the way I believe and practice my life spiritually.

"Do you think if - when you were a kid - they transposed the Bible stories with the fairy tales, you'd know the difference as an adult?  If they told you Jack and the Beanstalk was religion and that a man who lived in a whale was in a fairy-tale book..you think when you got to be an adult, you'd be defending the one instead of the other?"


You are amazing. I can see it.