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Oh look, it's sharing day.


who is looking for the knife?

Okay, so Artie calls someone to look for the knife.

Someone who knows about artifacts. Someone Artie trusts. Someone we know?

Well, let's take a moment to discuss...

Potential individuals we know:
Dr. Vanessa Calder
Hugo Miller
HG Wells
Mr. Kosan (sp?)
Jane Lattimer
Joshua Donovan?

The problem here is that artie's past and circle of trust is littered with characters we may know nothing about. Like Alexi from Vendetta...who the hell was that guy anywya? And he obviously knew about artifacts...

Artie speaks in fragmented sentences and half thoughts. there must be a code though.

*mumble mumble*

And now...the present

1. My ex is...the person who taught me that people could and would be sexually attracted to me.

2. I should learn to...create a wesbite. I have one started but I need to expand and am not feeling very motivated to do so. :\.

3. I love... my life! I get to do so much fun stuff!  And I know so many great people who are all wonderful and edifying!

4. People would say that I am... energetic, crazy, helpful, sweet, smart.

5. I don't understand...how to get people from the bar/club/concert to my bed.

6. When I wake up in the morning...I want coffee and it to be warm for my bike ride.

7. I lost...about 100 pounds.

8. Life is...great! People love me and I get to do everything I want to do and more!

9. My past taught me... that everyone just needs to calm the fuck down and take a minute before proceeding withia child-like mind set to a complication or crisis.

10. I get annoyed... when I don't understand something. (This is still true)

11. Parties are... fabulous when the right people are there and the energy is right.

12. I wish...I could have a threesome while travelling around the world.

13. Dogs and cats...smell and cost a lot of money.

14. My childhood... taught me a lot of false truths that I believed out of narrow minded self-righteousness for the longest time.  But now, let's have a bit of fresh and objective perspective, shall we?

15. Tomorrow... will most likely happen and ROCK!

16. I have a low tolerance for... gossip and laziness.

17. If I had a million dollars...student loans would be gone, I'd get a new car, I'd get an apartment and pay for a full year or five up front. Everyone I know on the internet would get a visit from me and I'd treat us like kings and queens for the time I was with you!  I'd also emigrate to Canada as money would suddenly be less of an issue.  Canucks season tickets. And then I'd invest the rest.

18. I'm terrified of... being the only one with feelings (romantic or otherwise) within a relationship.  And still bathrooms and mirrors and unemployment.

19. I've come to realize... that how I present myself and value myself is important in regards to how people treat me.  I also realized that if i don't find me sexy, then no one else will either - including my subconscious..

20. I am listening to...Spotify is my music gateway. Currently Linkin Park's A Thousand Suns. So beautiful..

21. I talk... to people I believe will be interesting.

22. My best friend(s)... Are wonderful people who I can just be myself around. They love me and all my craziness and quirkiness. It's so relaxing to have people who just accept. (Still true)

23. My first kiss... happened. (yup)

24. Love is...epic.  Love can change so much for people.  When you approach a situation or a person with love and acceptance vs judgement...so many different doors can be opened for you.

25. Marriage is...ridiculous.

26. Somewhere, someone is.... experiencing something for the first time. How will that first encounter impact the way they deal with the issue if it happens again, do you think?

27. I'll always be... hopeful that you'll fee the same way I do.

28. The last time I cried was...at Glee. AGAIN!  Dammit dammit dammit.

29. My cell phone is... amazing and possibly the current love of my life.  It lets me be so connected!

30. Before I go to bed...I figure out what I'm going to watch to fall asleep.

31. My middle name... Is Renee.

32. Right now, I am thinking...about sex. *smirk*

33. Yesterday I... went to breakfast with a friend at Jam, got a text from a guy I met at a bar, went shopping, helped a friend file his taxes, and hung out with good friends.

34. Tomorrow I will be...at work and then working the door at my friend Aurora's event!

35. I really want to...get laid, go to Canada, see a Canucks game.

36. The person most likely to re-post this is... *shrug* whoever. :)

37. The person least likely to re-post this is... Again - whoever..

38. My relationship with my grandparents... non-existent. I either don't know them or they have passed on.

39. My most treasured possession is...my bike! It gets me around in such a healthy way.

40. My favorite pictures...are of hot people.

41. I sing...loud and strong and proud.

42. If I were a crayon...I'd hope you'd pick me out of the box, hold me gently, and make something beautiful happen.

43. Someday I want to travel to... Canada and Europe.

44. I am wearing...jeans, cleavagey t-shirt, and red chuck taylors.

45. My favorite class... was psychology of religion. Studying why people have the need to believe in something bigger than themselves to live a more comfortable life psychologically was FASCINATING business that has shaped my current spirituality.

46. My favorite language is... Latin. I think it is gorgeous.

47. It hurts...so put some triple antibiotic on it and keep going. It's going to hurt the whole time until it doesn't - you can't stop living in the midst. Life waits for no man.

49. My profile picture is...how fan fiction works in my brain - don't like how someone did it? Fine then, find someone else who wrote what you wanted to have happen. :)

50. I need... to put a sweater on, it's effing cold in this house!  And on a bigger scale - to save money for Hawaii and Disney World.


So, I filled this out in 2009 shortly after I moved back to Portland and began the BEST QUEST EVER.  Reading some of answers lets me know that I was right at the beginning of my journey when i filled this out.  Thus, I'm going to do an experiement and put in my answers now and then compare and contrast.  Enjoy. :) And feel free to fill this out too!

Here are my answers from 2009:

1. My ex is... not my problem anymore.

2. I should learn to... Do everything! I don't have a certain thing I want to learn right now.

3. I love... God and my family.

4. People would say that I am... Animated and smart and changing.

5. I don't understand... when people don't try and why self-defeating behavior is so hard to overcome *sigh*.

6. When I wake up in the morning... I try to remember any and all dreams I may have had the night before.

7. I lost... myself for a long time.

8. Life is... like time. It keeps going forward. Not quite as infinite on this level though.

9. My past taught me... that life is too short to dwell on all of the bad things. There is a time and a place, but more often than not ' it's not my problem' and nor is it meant to be. Therefore, just keep trucking and just try not to trip yourself along the way.

10. I get annoyed... when I don't understand something.

11. Parties are... great if it's just a few close friends. I'm not at all a big fan of parties with people I don't know..

12. I wish... I could travel and live around the world instead of work.

13. Dogs and cats... take more effort than I'm willing to give.

14. My childhood... was sad. Ever heard that song "Conversations With my Thirteen Year Old Self" by Pink? I often think such things.

15. Tomorrow... Will be another day. Surprise!

16. I have a low tolerance for... negativity towards other people and gossip.

17. If I had a million dollars... Good-Bye Student Loans, hello Grad School and Canada and Europe! Hello new car for my sister and me. Thank, God and please guide me on how to use the rest of it....I'm thinking family would get a nice piece. I'd invest some too in a high interest account Edward Jones or something.

18. I'm terrified of... bathrooms and unemployment.

19. I've come to realize... That even my best self-protective coping mechanism have brought loneliness and pain - not protection.

20. I am listening to... Pandora.com.

21. I talk... because I have a mouth and tongue.

22. My best friend(s)... Are wonderful people who I can just be myself around. They love me and all my craziness and quirkiness. It's so relaxing to have people who just accept.

23. My first kiss... happened.

24. Love is... powerful. I mean, if God is love...then it would be pretty potent stuff, huh?

25. Marriage is... not a decision to be taken lightly.

26. Somewhere, someone is... Having the best and/or worst moment of his or her life. Lord bless and comfort them all.

27. I'll always be... Tall until someone taller comes along.

28. The last time I cried was...painful. Bug God has wonderfully soothing arms.

29. My cell phone is... three different colors but works great and doubles as an mp3 player.

30. Before I go to bed... I figure out what I'm going to watch to go to bed. Recently it's been the movie October Sky or the show Popular.

31. My middle name... Is Renee. It means Born Again - my mom told me!

32. Right now, I am thinking... that I am getting hungry.

33. Yesterday I... bought Sanctuary Season 1, black licorice, went to work, came home and finished a disc of Popular before drifting off to bed.

34. Tomorrow I will be... A day closer to going up to Canada with my mom and Autumn and maybe Autumn's mom!

35. I really want to... succeed at work instead of feel confused and unsure of my role as a manager.

36. The person most likely to re-post this is... *shrug* whoever. :)

37. The person least likely to re-post this is... Again - whoever..

38. My relationship with my grandparents... non-existent. I either don't know them or they have passed on.

39. My most treasured possession is... my new relationships with my family.

40. My favorite pictures... Are of my clients back in PA. I LOVED that job.

41. I sing... and sometimes imagine my sister and I are in a singing duo like Out of Eden. In my head we are uncannily popular.

42. If I were a crayon... life would be a lot shorter and less complicated.

43. Someday I want to travel to... Canada and Europe.

44. I am wearing...Pajamas!

45. My favorite class... was educational and opened my mind more than I could ever explain. Foltz - you will never understand the role you and your classes have played in my life.

46. My favorite language is... Latin. I think it is gorgeous.

47. It hurts... such is life.

49. My profile picture is... in remembrance of a great day with my sister and getting a new haircut!

50. I need... more of God and less of me controlling things.

Writer's Block: Pants on Fire?

Well it certainly is to the person who is not being told the missing information.

But I don't think the person withholding information thinks of it as lying, per say.

Sometimes you don't need to know everything.

Sometimes you should have said more than you did.

Other times everyone just needs to trust each other and not judge so much.  

If people weren't so afraid of being open and honest then it'd be great and we wouldn't have to worry about lies of ommission or white lies or whatever.



Is a lie by omission truly a lie?

"One of the guys freaked out today. I had to sweep up broken light bulbs and a smashed remote among other things. I also had to do a room search and rifle through faux porn and masrerbutory devices. My job is whack."

"Next time you 'forget' your clothes and you just got out of the showr don't dilly dally in the living room, man just get yourself to your room."

"How as today? Boring. Watched Friday the 13th 2 (wince) and.played call of duty and practiced shooting bitches. Now we are watching fast & furious 4 (better). Later I am supposed to go play with a dog and a ferret. Not sure if I actually want to do that though." Today? Boring. Watched Friday the 13th 2 (wince) and played call of duty and practiced shooting bitches. Now we are watching fast & furious 4 (better). Later I am supposed to go play with a dog and a ferret. Not sure if I actually want to do that though."."

"Why is there a moldy baggie of lunch meat in your room?"
Are you a morning person?
In a horridly annoying kind of way because most of my friends are not.  But, I will be up, bouncing, singing and dancing around the kitchen with a cup of coffee and a plate of warm breakfast ready for you when you stumble out of your room for sure. :)
Have you ever been to Target?
I do prefer me some Target (that's pronounced Tar-jeh) over any other department store, it's true.
Do you like iced tea?
it's not my first choice, but not my last either.
What color bedsheets are currently on your bed?
Lime green fitted, dark brown flat sheet.
Have you ever been to Disney World?
For sure for sure.
If so, how many times have you been?
Twice - once when I was 6, once in 2010 on a family vacation. And I plan to go again for my bestie's 30th birthday in two years. I flipping love me some Disney.
Do grammar and capitalization mean anything to you?
Oh, yes yes yes. This one time I spent an evening taking grammar tests on this website when I was researching the progressive use of their vs her/him.  I got LOOOOOOOST in that website like nobody's business.  I definitely judge a person based on his/her grammar and sentence structure.
Are you good at wrapping gifts for others?
Yes. I used to practice wrapping my play dough boxes when I was 7. I would get the old comics from the sunday paper and just go to town wrapping and unwrapping the perfect looking gifts. *grin*
Do you have a dirty clothes hamper in your room?
Of course. It is teal.
What would you say is your favorite television show?
Oh. Tough question. *thinks* I'm creating sub categories because I can.  Stargate SG-1 over all.  Currently airing...Warehouse 13.
Do you enjoy big holiday dinners?
No. I am a horridly picky eater and often times I feel bad for pushing food around on my plate or having people watch me wince at their famous, pride-stuffed meat product or what have you.
Is your vision good?
It is okay but I have definitely noticed it getting worse lately.
Is there any piece of jewelry you're constantly wearing?
For sure. I always have my wooden spiral earrings in - they were a wonderful find! I also have a ring from San Francisco's China Town that I bought to teach me about what it means to have and use power. It has Power written on the inside of the band in English and then on the outside is the same word but in Chineses.  I also have a copper ring I got from my favorite import store in Portland. It has a Sanskrit prayer etched on it as well as the OM symbol and is supposed to be used for pain. I'm big into iconography.
What is one thing you desire as of now?
Do you have any obsessions?
Sex. Teevee & movies. Music - collecting, listening and playing, CANADA!!!!, Converse Chuck taylor's (I own eight pairs)
Do you blog a lot, if at all?
I have a once a month/every other month love affair going with LJ. I try not to just use it for links when I get around to it.
Is your present hair color natural?
Ish? I do dye my hair, but usually a similar color to my brown - but I like to bring out different tones - like red or gold or purple or something.  So, even if it's not - it kind of looks right. *shrug*
What makes you the most angry when it comes to people?
Meanness.  I don't understand that compulsion to get even or just do something mean to hurt another person - be it physically, mentally, or emotionally.  I get defensive of people when I see people being mean.  Grr.
What was the last thing you ordered online?
*thinks* maybe Christmas presents? I'm not much of an online shopper to be honest.
Have you ever felt as though you were drifting apart from a best friend?
Oh, totally.  This was a major obstacle I had to overcome in my early 20's.
If you have a significant other, how long have you been together?
I don't. But I'm not worried about it either.
Do you know any genuinely friendly people?
Yes. yes. and yes.  All of the people I regularly hang out with and talk to are all genuinely friendly people. I chose to keep in that way.
Do you buy your friends gifts?
Absolutely.  But not when I'm supposed to.  I will bring my friends coffee or I'll buy a friend a pack of cigarettes...but then birthdays and holidays come and I'm like "Oh, right. Friends get presents like family do. Doh!"
What was the last thing you plugged in?
My mobile.
How old are you?
26 - 27 in a month. It's gonna be such a good year.
What color headphones do you own?
Pink! And I own a dark purple pair too.
Where do you buy the majority of your clothing?
Oh man, thrift stores are all the rage out here.  Recycled clothing as well.  So, I rock Crossroads and Good Will a LOT.
Would you rather wear necklaces or earrings?
Do you enjoy watching fights?
No, not at all.  I'm the girl in the corner with her fingers in her ear sing-songing "Stop the violence!" Well, except maybe a hockey fight.  Something about men and sticks just gets the aggression in me going.
Where are your parents as of now?
My mom and her husband are up in Washington. Who knows where my dad is - off somewhere doing something? I thought I felt his spirit pass last year in September, but then my mom says she keeps getting pitiful child support checks from him (quite a few years too late, thanks Dad.) So he must be working somewhere - or maybe his life insurance policy is paying it out. *shrug*
When did you last go to a book store?
Last week.  One of my guys I work with loves to go to book stores with me. We end up at Powell's books a lot. It has four stories of awesome books to browse.
What's the closest book store where you live?
There's a Barnes and Noble up the freeway about 4 miles away.
How much money do you have on you right now?
None! But if we count what's in my purse, then maybe 2 bucks in change? Payday is tomorrow (well, tonight at midnight) I'm so excited!
Are you wearing make up at the moment?
No! I need to put some on before I go to work. I just got new make up - orange, purple, blue, and green eyeliner and then every-color-of-the-rainbow eye shadow as well! COLORS!
Do you think freckles are cute?
Last time you went to the mall?
Christmas Shopping.
Name something that's your favorite color:
Have you been to Red Lobster before?
Once - I ordered cajun chicken. It was great and didn't taste of seafood. I loved that part.
Would you rather have nice hair or lips?
lips. I'd just wig or cap it up otherwise.
Do you consider yourself short?
*snort* not a bit. I'm pushing 5'10"
Are you outside a lot?
Yes. I am a nature girl to the core - hiking, biking, walking, running, skipping, waiting for the MAX (lite rail in Portland), walking the city, parks, etc. I'm a flipping fairy, for goodness-sakes. Outside is life.
Have you ever been dumped via text message?
Do you like dream catchers?
YES! I have one just above my pillow, in fact.
Do you work with any close friends?
I have good relationships with everyone at work - but none of my friends works at the same location I do.
Do you consider yourself spoiled?
Yes. I spoil myself all the time. I didn't grow up spoiled - although as the youngest of three and the last one on the house growing up I do recognize that I got a lot more 'goodies' and "gadgets' than my two older siblings did.  But I attribute this to my folks having less financial burden due to only having one kid in the house.
Have you ever taken a keyboarding class?
I had a Keyboarding/English block class my Freshman year in high school. 3rd and 4th period.
Do you ever get drunk?
*smirks* I do, in fact.  Last night, for example.  although, seriously, I need to slow down before I poison myself. I don't go overboard as I HATE hang overs and all things associated with them.  But good gravy, drinks are expensive.
Have you ever had highlights before?
I used to get blonde streaks in high school all the time. Now it's too much of a hassle.
Would you say you think you have a mental disorder of some kind?
Do dyslexia and ADHD count?
Do you have any paintings?
My sister in law painted me a winter scape of trees a couple Christmas' ago - I love them.
What is one clothing fad you wish never existed?
The Dickie. I'm like - what? Why?
Have you ever failed a class before?
Do you regret meeting any of your exes?
No. I don't have many regrets, to be honest.
Do you own any coloring books?
YES! I love to color.
Do you own any brown clothing?
It's my second favorite color - so, yes, I totally do.
Last thing you drank:
Josh bought me a chocolate coconut blended coffee drink for driving him to school this morning. It was delicious.
Do you have an in-ground pool at your house?
*laughs* not at all. I'd love it if I did though!
What is the first digit of your phone number?
Do you sometimes celebrate holidays early?
Not really. Although I do wish people a Merry Christmas all year long.
Has anyone made you mad today?
Do you have any children?
No, thank goodness. Maybe in a few years I'll adopt or start a foster home. But right now I am busy doing whatever the flip I want. This means no children.
If so, what are their names?
Well, I haven't met them yet.
Do both of your parents have jobs?
Are you afraid people won't accept you?
Of course. Sometimes you meld so well with a group and other times it's glaringly obvious that you are an outsider.  *shrug* but I march to the beat of a different drum, so being on the outside looking in isn't really an issue. It's their loss, really.
Are you, for the most part, an honest person?
Absolutely. Honesty is so incredibly important.
Did you make prank phone calls as a child?
I did a couple times. I know I did the 911 hang up a few times. But then they call back and you have to explain to the operator why you called and hung up. No good.
Do you like to make donations?
Sure? Maybe not? I don't' really have an opinion on this as I am broke almost all the time.
Have you ever called a teen suicide line?
Nope. But I have talked some people through suicidal thoughts over the phone before.
Have you ever caught something on fire?
Yes - once. Scared the crap out of me.
Ever been obsessed with a show?
Is this a trick question?  Always.
What type of perfume or cologne do you use?
I dig Sandalwood as a scent, also like Love Spell from Victoria's Secret. But generally I go au-natural.

Go go dancing fun

Me, Josh, and Lynx at the Island of Misfit Toys Dance!

So, I was a gogo dancer on the 22nd.

Evidence above.

We had a blast dancing our booties off.  Me, Josh. Lynx - rocking out the party.



I had an amazing week that ended quite...not awesomely. I spent it with my best friend like I nomally do. For whatever reason. All these issues came out the wood work yesterday to end my four day weekend. It sucks though as it has kinda taken the wind out of my happy sails.

There are some things I can work on to accommodate his needs in. Friend. But there are also some things that really hurt my feelings. I know a lot of this is just emotion talking, but even so, I feel a bit like ky identtity got attacked. I hate when someone I trust says things that turn my self conscious sensors on.

Stupid feelings. I don't want to step on toes or hurt anyone. Of course, that doesn't mean it doesn't happen. The road to hell is paved with good intentions, right?

Ugh. Defeatist is such a droll color on me.

In other news I am freaking out as I have yet to conceptualize an appropriate outfit for my Island of Misfit Toys gogo dancing extravaganza. It is stressing me out!

Alternately, I got an entire wardrobe for less than 150 bucks this week. And all of my clothes are a smaller size than my last shopping trip! It keeps getting easier and easier to find clothes at normal people stores. I love it.

Glee...why do you make my eyes water so?

So, Glee isn't really that great of a television show.  It's silly and random and has great one liners.  There's music and singing and dancing and pep talks to get people's self esteem from crashing to the floor.

But then at the same time there is just something about that damn Glee show that sometimes really pulls on my heart strings.  Like Kurt's dad.  I recently re-watched the first couple seasons with a friend and found myself in tears when Kurt's dad would defend Kurt so passionately.

Or like Sue with her sister. *sad face*

So tonight I'm watching Glee after a WONDERFUL day with my very best guy friend Lynx. Side bar -- We woke up, had an amazing breakfast at Jam on Hawthorne and then we went gallivanting through shop after shop.  I spent SO much money and got SO many things (presents for my family and then some stuff for me too.)  I also found the most amazing Good Will on the East side of Downtown.  I basically have a new wardrobe after shopping there and everything was under 75 bucks (seriously, I got four pairs of pants, a cute sweater, and at least eight or nine different tops.  I have never scored at a thrift store like that before.

And earlier in the day I got OMG! Shoes! And two hoodies. And a animal hat/scarf thing that is A D O R A B L E, and a bracelet, and a ring, and sunglasses, and two belts! And that's JUST the stuff I got for myself.  I also managed to shop for all three of my nieces, my sister, my dad, and my best friend. I only have there people left to shop for family wise and then a couple more friends then I AM DONE with gifts until further notice. (hey, I love giving people gifts and things if I have the cash-ola).

Anyway, wow, did I get distracted or what? -- end side bar.

So, I'm winding down after a great, but busy, day and Glee is just wonderful with Christmas music that I love.  And then they go to the homeless shelter and I'm just all...a giant bleeding, crying heart for those in need and those who may not get treated as valuable.  Everyone is valuable, it is a shame that not everyone gets treated as such. that's BS.

Hat's off to Glee for playing the ethos and pathos card. I totally fell for it hook, line, and sinker. Ker-plop.

PS. Thank you for Gift Rap, River, Do They Know It's Christmas Time Again (LOVE this song!) and the ribbons and Mike Change in an over sized Santa suit, star wars references, climate change and the end times. *chuckles*