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And now...the present

1. My ex is...the person who taught me that people could and would be sexually attracted to me.

2. I should learn to...create a wesbite. I have one started but I need to expand and am not feeling very motivated to do so. :\.

3. I love... my life! I get to do so much fun stuff!  And I know so many great people who are all wonderful and edifying!

4. People would say that I am... energetic, crazy, helpful, sweet, smart.

5. I don't understand...how to get people from the bar/club/concert to my bed.

6. When I wake up in the morning...I want coffee and it to be warm for my bike ride.

7. I lost...about 100 pounds.

8. Life is...great! People love me and I get to do everything I want to do and more!

9. My past taught me... that everyone just needs to calm the fuck down and take a minute before proceeding withia child-like mind set to a complication or crisis.

10. I get annoyed... when I don't understand something. (This is still true)

11. Parties are... fabulous when the right people are there and the energy is right.

12. I wish...I could have a threesome while travelling around the world.

13. Dogs and cats...smell and cost a lot of money.

14. My childhood... taught me a lot of false truths that I believed out of narrow minded self-righteousness for the longest time.  But now, let's have a bit of fresh and objective perspective, shall we?

15. Tomorrow... will most likely happen and ROCK!

16. I have a low tolerance for... gossip and laziness.

17. If I had a million dollars...student loans would be gone, I'd get a new car, I'd get an apartment and pay for a full year or five up front. Everyone I know on the internet would get a visit from me and I'd treat us like kings and queens for the time I was with you!  I'd also emigrate to Canada as money would suddenly be less of an issue.  Canucks season tickets. And then I'd invest the rest.

18. I'm terrified of... being the only one with feelings (romantic or otherwise) within a relationship.  And still bathrooms and mirrors and unemployment.

19. I've come to realize... that how I present myself and value myself is important in regards to how people treat me.  I also realized that if i don't find me sexy, then no one else will either - including my subconscious..

20. I am listening to...Spotify is my music gateway. Currently Linkin Park's A Thousand Suns. So beautiful..

21. I talk... to people I believe will be interesting.

22. My best friend(s)... Are wonderful people who I can just be myself around. They love me and all my craziness and quirkiness. It's so relaxing to have people who just accept. (Still true)

23. My first kiss... happened. (yup)

24. Love is...epic.  Love can change so much for people.  When you approach a situation or a person with love and acceptance vs judgement...so many different doors can be opened for you.

25. Marriage is...ridiculous.

26. Somewhere, someone is.... experiencing something for the first time. How will that first encounter impact the way they deal with the issue if it happens again, do you think?

27. I'll always be... hopeful that you'll fee the same way I do.

28. The last time I cried was...at Glee. AGAIN!  Dammit dammit dammit.

29. My cell phone is... amazing and possibly the current love of my life.  It lets me be so connected!

30. Before I go to bed...I figure out what I'm going to watch to fall asleep.

31. My middle name... Is Renee.

32. Right now, I am thinking...about sex. *smirk*

33. Yesterday I... went to breakfast with a friend at Jam, got a text from a guy I met at a bar, went shopping, helped a friend file his taxes, and hung out with good friends.

34. Tomorrow I will be...at work and then working the door at my friend Aurora's event!

35. I really want to...get laid, go to Canada, see a Canucks game.

36. The person most likely to re-post this is... *shrug* whoever. :)

37. The person least likely to re-post this is... Again - whoever..

38. My relationship with my grandparents... non-existent. I either don't know them or they have passed on.

39. My most treasured possession is...my bike! It gets me around in such a healthy way.

40. My favorite pictures...are of hot people.

41. I sing...loud and strong and proud.

42. If I were a crayon...I'd hope you'd pick me out of the box, hold me gently, and make something beautiful happen.

43. Someday I want to travel to... Canada and Europe.

44. I am wearing...jeans, cleavagey t-shirt, and red chuck taylors.

45. My favorite class... was psychology of religion. Studying why people have the need to believe in something bigger than themselves to live a more comfortable life psychologically was FASCINATING business that has shaped my current spirituality.

46. My favorite language is... Latin. I think it is gorgeous.

47. It hurts...so put some triple antibiotic on it and keep going. It's going to hurt the whole time until it doesn't - you can't stop living in the midst. Life waits for no man.

49. My profile picture is...how fan fiction works in my brain - don't like how someone did it? Fine then, find someone else who wrote what you wanted to have happen. :)

50. I need... to put a sweater on, it's effing cold in this house!  And on a bigger scale - to save money for Hawaii and Disney World.