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So, I filled this out in 2009 shortly after I moved back to Portland and began the BEST QUEST EVER.  Reading some of answers lets me know that I was right at the beginning of my journey when i filled this out.  Thus, I'm going to do an experiement and put in my answers now and then compare and contrast.  Enjoy. :) And feel free to fill this out too!

Here are my answers from 2009:

1. My ex is... not my problem anymore.

2. I should learn to... Do everything! I don't have a certain thing I want to learn right now.

3. I love... God and my family.

4. People would say that I am... Animated and smart and changing.

5. I don't understand... when people don't try and why self-defeating behavior is so hard to overcome *sigh*.

6. When I wake up in the morning... I try to remember any and all dreams I may have had the night before.

7. I lost... myself for a long time.

8. Life is... like time. It keeps going forward. Not quite as infinite on this level though.

9. My past taught me... that life is too short to dwell on all of the bad things. There is a time and a place, but more often than not ' it's not my problem' and nor is it meant to be. Therefore, just keep trucking and just try not to trip yourself along the way.

10. I get annoyed... when I don't understand something.

11. Parties are... great if it's just a few close friends. I'm not at all a big fan of parties with people I don't know..

12. I wish... I could travel and live around the world instead of work.

13. Dogs and cats... take more effort than I'm willing to give.

14. My childhood... was sad. Ever heard that song "Conversations With my Thirteen Year Old Self" by Pink? I often think such things.

15. Tomorrow... Will be another day. Surprise!

16. I have a low tolerance for... negativity towards other people and gossip.

17. If I had a million dollars... Good-Bye Student Loans, hello Grad School and Canada and Europe! Hello new car for my sister and me. Thank, God and please guide me on how to use the rest of it....I'm thinking family would get a nice piece. I'd invest some too in a high interest account Edward Jones or something.

18. I'm terrified of... bathrooms and unemployment.

19. I've come to realize... That even my best self-protective coping mechanism have brought loneliness and pain - not protection.

20. I am listening to... Pandora.com.

21. I talk... because I have a mouth and tongue.

22. My best friend(s)... Are wonderful people who I can just be myself around. They love me and all my craziness and quirkiness. It's so relaxing to have people who just accept.

23. My first kiss... happened.

24. Love is... powerful. I mean, if God is love...then it would be pretty potent stuff, huh?

25. Marriage is... not a decision to be taken lightly.

26. Somewhere, someone is... Having the best and/or worst moment of his or her life. Lord bless and comfort them all.

27. I'll always be... Tall until someone taller comes along.

28. The last time I cried was...painful. Bug God has wonderfully soothing arms.

29. My cell phone is... three different colors but works great and doubles as an mp3 player.

30. Before I go to bed... I figure out what I'm going to watch to go to bed. Recently it's been the movie October Sky or the show Popular.

31. My middle name... Is Renee. It means Born Again - my mom told me!

32. Right now, I am thinking... that I am getting hungry.

33. Yesterday I... bought Sanctuary Season 1, black licorice, went to work, came home and finished a disc of Popular before drifting off to bed.

34. Tomorrow I will be... A day closer to going up to Canada with my mom and Autumn and maybe Autumn's mom!

35. I really want to... succeed at work instead of feel confused and unsure of my role as a manager.

36. The person most likely to re-post this is... *shrug* whoever. :)

37. The person least likely to re-post this is... Again - whoever..

38. My relationship with my grandparents... non-existent. I either don't know them or they have passed on.

39. My most treasured possession is... my new relationships with my family.

40. My favorite pictures... Are of my clients back in PA. I LOVED that job.

41. I sing... and sometimes imagine my sister and I are in a singing duo like Out of Eden. In my head we are uncannily popular.

42. If I were a crayon... life would be a lot shorter and less complicated.

43. Someday I want to travel to... Canada and Europe.

44. I am wearing...Pajamas!

45. My favorite class... was educational and opened my mind more than I could ever explain. Foltz - you will never understand the role you and your classes have played in my life.

46. My favorite language is... Latin. I think it is gorgeous.

47. It hurts... such is life.

49. My profile picture is... in remembrance of a great day with my sister and getting a new haircut!

50. I need... more of God and less of me controlling things.