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Are you a morning person?
In a horridly annoying kind of way because most of my friends are not.  But, I will be up, bouncing, singing and dancing around the kitchen with a cup of coffee and a plate of warm breakfast ready for you when you stumble out of your room for sure. :)
Have you ever been to Target?
I do prefer me some Target (that's pronounced Tar-jeh) over any other department store, it's true.
Do you like iced tea?
it's not my first choice, but not my last either.
What color bedsheets are currently on your bed?
Lime green fitted, dark brown flat sheet.
Have you ever been to Disney World?
For sure for sure.
If so, how many times have you been?
Twice - once when I was 6, once in 2010 on a family vacation. And I plan to go again for my bestie's 30th birthday in two years. I flipping love me some Disney.
Do grammar and capitalization mean anything to you?
Oh, yes yes yes. This one time I spent an evening taking grammar tests on this website when I was researching the progressive use of their vs her/him.  I got LOOOOOOOST in that website like nobody's business.  I definitely judge a person based on his/her grammar and sentence structure.
Are you good at wrapping gifts for others?
Yes. I used to practice wrapping my play dough boxes when I was 7. I would get the old comics from the sunday paper and just go to town wrapping and unwrapping the perfect looking gifts. *grin*
Do you have a dirty clothes hamper in your room?
Of course. It is teal.
What would you say is your favorite television show?
Oh. Tough question. *thinks* I'm creating sub categories because I can.  Stargate SG-1 over all.  Currently airing...Warehouse 13.
Do you enjoy big holiday dinners?
No. I am a horridly picky eater and often times I feel bad for pushing food around on my plate or having people watch me wince at their famous, pride-stuffed meat product or what have you.
Is your vision good?
It is okay but I have definitely noticed it getting worse lately.
Is there any piece of jewelry you're constantly wearing?
For sure. I always have my wooden spiral earrings in - they were a wonderful find! I also have a ring from San Francisco's China Town that I bought to teach me about what it means to have and use power. It has Power written on the inside of the band in English and then on the outside is the same word but in Chineses.  I also have a copper ring I got from my favorite import store in Portland. It has a Sanskrit prayer etched on it as well as the OM symbol and is supposed to be used for pain. I'm big into iconography.
What is one thing you desire as of now?
Do you have any obsessions?
Sex. Teevee & movies. Music - collecting, listening and playing, CANADA!!!!, Converse Chuck taylor's (I own eight pairs)
Do you blog a lot, if at all?
I have a once a month/every other month love affair going with LJ. I try not to just use it for links when I get around to it.
Is your present hair color natural?
Ish? I do dye my hair, but usually a similar color to my brown - but I like to bring out different tones - like red or gold or purple or something.  So, even if it's not - it kind of looks right. *shrug*
What makes you the most angry when it comes to people?
Meanness.  I don't understand that compulsion to get even or just do something mean to hurt another person - be it physically, mentally, or emotionally.  I get defensive of people when I see people being mean.  Grr.
What was the last thing you ordered online?
*thinks* maybe Christmas presents? I'm not much of an online shopper to be honest.
Have you ever felt as though you were drifting apart from a best friend?
Oh, totally.  This was a major obstacle I had to overcome in my early 20's.
If you have a significant other, how long have you been together?
I don't. But I'm not worried about it either.
Do you know any genuinely friendly people?
Yes. yes. and yes.  All of the people I regularly hang out with and talk to are all genuinely friendly people. I chose to keep in that way.
Do you buy your friends gifts?
Absolutely.  But not when I'm supposed to.  I will bring my friends coffee or I'll buy a friend a pack of cigarettes...but then birthdays and holidays come and I'm like "Oh, right. Friends get presents like family do. Doh!"
What was the last thing you plugged in?
My mobile.
How old are you?
26 - 27 in a month. It's gonna be such a good year.
What color headphones do you own?
Pink! And I own a dark purple pair too.
Where do you buy the majority of your clothing?
Oh man, thrift stores are all the rage out here.  Recycled clothing as well.  So, I rock Crossroads and Good Will a LOT.
Would you rather wear necklaces or earrings?
Do you enjoy watching fights?
No, not at all.  I'm the girl in the corner with her fingers in her ear sing-songing "Stop the violence!" Well, except maybe a hockey fight.  Something about men and sticks just gets the aggression in me going.
Where are your parents as of now?
My mom and her husband are up in Washington. Who knows where my dad is - off somewhere doing something? I thought I felt his spirit pass last year in September, but then my mom says she keeps getting pitiful child support checks from him (quite a few years too late, thanks Dad.) So he must be working somewhere - or maybe his life insurance policy is paying it out. *shrug*
When did you last go to a book store?
Last week.  One of my guys I work with loves to go to book stores with me. We end up at Powell's books a lot. It has four stories of awesome books to browse.
What's the closest book store where you live?
There's a Barnes and Noble up the freeway about 4 miles away.
How much money do you have on you right now?
None! But if we count what's in my purse, then maybe 2 bucks in change? Payday is tomorrow (well, tonight at midnight) I'm so excited!
Are you wearing make up at the moment?
No! I need to put some on before I go to work. I just got new make up - orange, purple, blue, and green eyeliner and then every-color-of-the-rainbow eye shadow as well! COLORS!
Do you think freckles are cute?
Last time you went to the mall?
Christmas Shopping.
Name something that's your favorite color:
Have you been to Red Lobster before?
Once - I ordered cajun chicken. It was great and didn't taste of seafood. I loved that part.
Would you rather have nice hair or lips?
lips. I'd just wig or cap it up otherwise.
Do you consider yourself short?
*snort* not a bit. I'm pushing 5'10"
Are you outside a lot?
Yes. I am a nature girl to the core - hiking, biking, walking, running, skipping, waiting for the MAX (lite rail in Portland), walking the city, parks, etc. I'm a flipping fairy, for goodness-sakes. Outside is life.
Have you ever been dumped via text message?
Do you like dream catchers?
YES! I have one just above my pillow, in fact.
Do you work with any close friends?
I have good relationships with everyone at work - but none of my friends works at the same location I do.
Do you consider yourself spoiled?
Yes. I spoil myself all the time. I didn't grow up spoiled - although as the youngest of three and the last one on the house growing up I do recognize that I got a lot more 'goodies' and "gadgets' than my two older siblings did.  But I attribute this to my folks having less financial burden due to only having one kid in the house.
Have you ever taken a keyboarding class?
I had a Keyboarding/English block class my Freshman year in high school. 3rd and 4th period.
Do you ever get drunk?
*smirks* I do, in fact.  Last night, for example.  although, seriously, I need to slow down before I poison myself. I don't go overboard as I HATE hang overs and all things associated with them.  But good gravy, drinks are expensive.
Have you ever had highlights before?
I used to get blonde streaks in high school all the time. Now it's too much of a hassle.
Would you say you think you have a mental disorder of some kind?
Do dyslexia and ADHD count?
Do you have any paintings?
My sister in law painted me a winter scape of trees a couple Christmas' ago - I love them.
What is one clothing fad you wish never existed?
The Dickie. I'm like - what? Why?
Have you ever failed a class before?
Do you regret meeting any of your exes?
No. I don't have many regrets, to be honest.
Do you own any coloring books?
YES! I love to color.
Do you own any brown clothing?
It's my second favorite color - so, yes, I totally do.
Last thing you drank:
Josh bought me a chocolate coconut blended coffee drink for driving him to school this morning. It was delicious.
Do you have an in-ground pool at your house?
*laughs* not at all. I'd love it if I did though!
What is the first digit of your phone number?
Do you sometimes celebrate holidays early?
Not really. Although I do wish people a Merry Christmas all year long.
Has anyone made you mad today?
Do you have any children?
No, thank goodness. Maybe in a few years I'll adopt or start a foster home. But right now I am busy doing whatever the flip I want. This means no children.
If so, what are their names?
Well, I haven't met them yet.
Do both of your parents have jobs?
Are you afraid people won't accept you?
Of course. Sometimes you meld so well with a group and other times it's glaringly obvious that you are an outsider.  *shrug* but I march to the beat of a different drum, so being on the outside looking in isn't really an issue. It's their loss, really.
Are you, for the most part, an honest person?
Absolutely. Honesty is so incredibly important.
Did you make prank phone calls as a child?
I did a couple times. I know I did the 911 hang up a few times. But then they call back and you have to explain to the operator why you called and hung up. No good.
Do you like to make donations?
Sure? Maybe not? I don't' really have an opinion on this as I am broke almost all the time.
Have you ever called a teen suicide line?
Nope. But I have talked some people through suicidal thoughts over the phone before.
Have you ever caught something on fire?
Yes - once. Scared the crap out of me.
Ever been obsessed with a show?
Is this a trick question?  Always.
What type of perfume or cologne do you use?
I dig Sandalwood as a scent, also like Love Spell from Victoria's Secret. But generally I go au-natural.


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Jan. 23rd, 2012 01:16 am (UTC)

1. PICKY EATERS UNITE. Do you also not like seafood? I appreciate this.
2. HockeyFight Lovers Anonymous.
3. Love Spell was totally my thing a few years ago! It's somehow been dubbed "Passionberry" in this house. I think there's probably a story there, I don't remember if it's appropriate or not. *ponders* But it's yummy.
Jan. 23rd, 2012 03:08 am (UTC)

1 - I HATE seafood. Firey passion of hate. And I grew up on an island (a substantial one, but a water surrounded land mass none the less.)
2 - pacifists for hockey violence all the way!
3 - good to know you used to smell good! What is this story you speak of? Inppropriate is a great buzz word!
Jan. 23rd, 2012 08:53 pm (UTC)
Lol, I totally only eat *cute* animals. Fish and other things that crawl in the ocean do NOT make the grade.

I don't remeeeember the story, I just figure there HAD to have been one because where the hell else would that have come from.

Omg, did you get my Facebook message? FACEBOOK DOES NOT WANT ME TO FRIEND YOU, I DON'T UNDERSTAND. However, Twitter following is accomplished!
Jan. 23rd, 2012 09:20 pm (UTC)
Yeah, well I can't even find you on facespace. I tried. *sigh* fail.

No message in my inbox. Try again? I had some issues with connection to facespace earlier this am...but now it seems okay.
Jan. 23rd, 2012 09:41 pm (UTC)
What the hell, why does nothing work???

Okay, okay. This is me:


Try that way?
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