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Glee...why do you make my eyes water so?

So, Glee isn't really that great of a television show.  It's silly and random and has great one liners.  There's music and singing and dancing and pep talks to get people's self esteem from crashing to the floor.

But then at the same time there is just something about that damn Glee show that sometimes really pulls on my heart strings.  Like Kurt's dad.  I recently re-watched the first couple seasons with a friend and found myself in tears when Kurt's dad would defend Kurt so passionately.

Or like Sue with her sister. *sad face*

So tonight I'm watching Glee after a WONDERFUL day with my very best guy friend Lynx. Side bar -- We woke up, had an amazing breakfast at Jam on Hawthorne and then we went gallivanting through shop after shop.  I spent SO much money and got SO many things (presents for my family and then some stuff for me too.)  I also found the most amazing Good Will on the East side of Downtown.  I basically have a new wardrobe after shopping there and everything was under 75 bucks (seriously, I got four pairs of pants, a cute sweater, and at least eight or nine different tops.  I have never scored at a thrift store like that before.

And earlier in the day I got OMG! Shoes! And two hoodies. And a animal hat/scarf thing that is A D O R A B L E, and a bracelet, and a ring, and sunglasses, and two belts! And that's JUST the stuff I got for myself.  I also managed to shop for all three of my nieces, my sister, my dad, and my best friend. I only have there people left to shop for family wise and then a couple more friends then I AM DONE with gifts until further notice. (hey, I love giving people gifts and things if I have the cash-ola).

Anyway, wow, did I get distracted or what? -- end side bar.

So, I'm winding down after a great, but busy, day and Glee is just wonderful with Christmas music that I love.  And then they go to the homeless shelter and I'm just all...a giant bleeding, crying heart for those in need and those who may not get treated as valuable.  Everyone is valuable, it is a shame that not everyone gets treated as such. that's BS.

Hat's off to Glee for playing the ethos and pathos card. I totally fell for it hook, line, and sinker. Ker-plop.

PS. Thank you for Gift Rap, River, Do They Know It's Christmas Time Again (LOVE this song!) and the ribbons and Mike Change in an over sized Santa suit, star wars references, climate change and the end times. *chuckles*